Who Is This Chick

The basics of the basics:
I'm a college student, and though eventually that will change, I am completely loving it now.
Focusing on finance and marketing, while also mixing in some art and design.

I am a self-proclaimed amateur painter. That's probably Amateur with a capital "A", but it's a hobby and I love it much too much. I also croon while painting and am told I make ears bleed, but I WAS the lead in my 5th grade musical. Yes, I am holding on too tightly to that fact.

For twelve years, I was a competitive swimmer. Even though I left the sport, it defined me for so long, and I can do nothing more than respect athletes.

Although I blog, ironically, I am pretty private with my life and tend to shy away from announcing very personal things.

"What IS This Thing?":
This thing is my blog and it holds snippets of the things that I create whether with my clothes or in my mind or any type of medium. A large portion of my outfits exists because of my college-student penny pincher ways, but I don't skimp on quality or my own personal style. Always fingers crossed when I'm on the hunt for new finds!   

Some oddities:
Apparently, I was determined to design homes when I was 7...? Found out over a decade later:

I refuse to brush my hair when it's dry.
I love eating fermented tofu.