Wednesday, February 27, 2013

J-Chilling With My Pug, Belle

[courtesy of the bros]
It's been Towelfight 2 vs. Midterms since Butterscotch Shenanigans released their first full-fledged, pimped out mobile game yesterday. It's a teeny tiny bit odd since I've been watching Sam work on it for the past few months with Seth (via gchat, of course) and now it's the real thing with Hardik's face splashed all over the App Store!! With big names in the gaming world not only talking about it, but raving about it. WAHHHHHHHT WHOA. 

And now to my Market Research notes. 

Monday, February 25, 2013

Envy Twines


I got my sorority juices flowing this weekend and got to wear a wreath!! WHY are they no longer in fashion? Oh but wait, they are. I'll be making a flower wreath for my next DIY project. Um, YES. 

And wow, a photo of me wearing stuffs. I haven't exactly been focusing on style and fashion and textiles and design and bargain hunting as of late, transforming this blog into more of a collection of my sporadic thoughts.  I do feel a bit scattered in actually most of my pursuits, but maybe it's a good to not have things set in stone. Scattered could also mean freed to think and do without limitations. But I am looking to add some more fulfillment into my life somehow someway. 

Heading to the Fox Theater [unreal. un-real.] to see The Book of Mormon with Sam's family brought me into the broader and grander real post-college world, but my not so grand exam score brought me back to the reality of today. Even before this weekend, I've been trying to figure out the value in everything that I do. I'm in a limbo of sorts, envying people who have such direct and true passions. I guess I'm kind of back at square one again. Eh, not a horrible place to be. 

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Undercover Big, Undercover Rash

Cheers to this mish-mosh post!! I've been infested by a rash, explained to me as pityriasis rosea [at least the second word is cutesy?]. aka my body is rejecting me. It's been taking over my skin since last Saturday, the last time I posted. That top picture is a visual of my attempts to dress this week. Hidden. Clothed. Beyond modest? 

Anyways, IT'S BIGLITTLE WEEK!!!!!!!! I've been showering the nugget with crafted gifts but I can't reveal too much except that I feel so lucky. We clicked on a deeper level much quicker than I thought I would be able to with someone within just a couple of weeks. It's funny because this is the one year anniversary of mine and Gwen's love affair, and I feel special to get to have them both. I got the chance to skype with her for a little today and it made me so happy. Seeing her happy makes it for me. Actually continuously surprised by how I was able to find people who are my "people" here. 

Must do more work. While refraining myself from scratching. 

Monday, February 4, 2013

To Play

Friday night was breathtakingly magical. To the point that I actually had my mouth hang open multiple multiple times. On our way out earlier in the night, fireworks began exploding in the sky. For a hot second, I was a bit freaked out. They were big, the in-your-face kind of big. We noticed that they were coming from Mudd Field and ran. Shooting from the ground were sizzling colors and light. Chinese New Years lit up the sky.

And on our way home, fat, fluffy, sticky flakes that looked like pulled-apart cotton balls were falling. I walked home blissful and stood astonished when I approached the Swamp. Snowmen were already built and the roar of a hundred laughs accompanied the throws of a hundred snowballs. It was the first time I felt like a kid in college. The blinding feeling where cold cannot be felt and screams follow laughter and laughter follows screams. 

Best night.