Thursday, February 14, 2013

Undercover Big, Undercover Rash

Cheers to this mish-mosh post!! I've been infested by a rash, explained to me as pityriasis rosea [at least the second word is cutesy?]. aka my body is rejecting me. It's been taking over my skin since last Saturday, the last time I posted. That top picture is a visual of my attempts to dress this week. Hidden. Clothed. Beyond modest? 

Anyways, IT'S BIGLITTLE WEEK!!!!!!!! I've been showering the nugget with crafted gifts but I can't reveal too much except that I feel so lucky. We clicked on a deeper level much quicker than I thought I would be able to with someone within just a couple of weeks. It's funny because this is the one year anniversary of mine and Gwen's love affair, and I feel special to get to have them both. I got the chance to skype with her for a little today and it made me so happy. Seeing her happy makes it for me. Actually continuously surprised by how I was able to find people who are my "people" here. 

Must do more work. While refraining myself from scratching.