Thursday, May 31, 2012

Professional Glitz

I feel like wrestling right now. A real wrestle. Almost a brawl.
This need may have been entrenched in me when I was nine and sparring with a twelve year old boy-man. And left him in a slightly compromising position before his confusion could settle in. 
So I feel like wrestling right now. 
Which is probably why I've been tossing a pillow at my face with my feet for the past four minutes. It doesn't really mimic wrestling, but it'll do for now.

What an unladylike thought poised with such a ladylike outfit. Meeps. 
*Worthington white and black piped blouse. J. Crew glitter striped skirt. Nine West leather wedges. Cynthia Rowley gold studded leather tote. brandless white and gold hoop earrings.*

The blouse is from JCPenney.

Finds from my hunts:
Marshalls- tote.
Flea market- earrings.
Wrentham Outlet- skirt & wedges.

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Unstructured Structure

I used to smack on florals like they were made to be plastered on my skin. MADE to be. But not anymore. I enjoy them, if you can enjoy a print, but I no longer dip dye myself in them. Here's some daisies and feathers matched with a classy classy blazer. It fit my recent mellow mood, but colors and hues and tints galore is coming.

 *Frenchi black boyfriend blazer. Pins and Needles black daisy dress. BCBGeneration orange and brown colorblock wedges. Forever 21 neutral feather headband.*

Finds for my hunts:
Marshalls- wedges.
Urban Outfitters (sale!)- dress. 

Weeds & Sludge


The reason why I love photography in the first place isn't because it can capture all the threads in clothes. It's because I love nature. Seems like such a bygone and overlooked notion right now- almost primal. My range of emotions has been dangling below average these past couple of days slash mainly yesterday, so I let my mind drift off today without trying to halt and rein it in kicking & screaming.
It worked wonders. 

And even though it remained gloomy out all day, I had the urge to take pictures. So I took pictures. I refused to let the ugliness outside leak in, but I wasn't going to ignore it either and just focus on silk petals and woodland creatures, which is why the above photo exists.
And why 159 others do too. 

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

An Ode to Her

Mama is the person behind the other side of the lens 80% of the time-
I have accomplished the self-timer for the other 20%.

But she's also my absolute best friend.
I was a sophomore in high school when she first confided in me. And ever since then, I to her. Yes, even the uncomfortable and unsettling depths of unhappiness. Yes, even all the blush-worthy details about guys. 

Tonight, she showed me again why I look up to her. That woman doesn't complain about a thing. She lives simply because life is worth living. The details are private but the truth isn't.

So here, I donned the dress that I always remember her wearing throughout my childhood.

*brandless cream floral black maxi dress. H&M gold flower belt. Deena and Ozzy floppy wool hat. brandless orange gem ring.
Shown below: Etienne Aigner plum leather satchel. Seychelles leather studded wedges."

Finds from my hunts:
Mom's closet- dress.
Marshalls- satchel.
Flea market [in France]- ring.
Avalon Exchange- wedges.
Urban Outfitters (sale!)- hat.

Branches as props? Nah.

Monday, May 28, 2012

Family of Champions

Update on current swoon slash tears slash awws: can't get enough

Celebrated the day with some lovely loved ones. 
Baked massively and hiked triumphantly. 
With the whole family of four back home, we've been spending the past seventy-two hours together. Little brother just reminded me that we need to sleep, so make that the past fifty-six hours- assuming we all got a healthy dose of eight hours per night. 

Things we made and then ate in the kitchen:
(Pre-nature lovin') Bacon&eggs, soy milk, dumplings, sweet potatoes.
(Post-nature lovin') Eggplant, cauliflower, beef, rice, kimchi, banana bread, sugar cookies.  

Yes, we feast like Takeru Kobayashi.


Jewels and Goons

Light and airy and then, BAM. Statement necklace in your face.
More like on my neck.
From a flee market.
Get at me.

 *Forever 21 white button-up sheer blouse. Z. Co blue and white striped shorts. Nine West black espadrilles. brandless jewels and chains statement necklace.*

Shorts are from Macy's.

Finds from my hunts:
Flea market- necklace.
Wrentham Outlet- espadrilles.

{Dizzy, the ewok}

Real life for your viewing pleasure:

Fending off a preteen gang? Anger management issues?
Nope. Just mid-twirl.
How awkward. 

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Bonding Times

I have been made into a professional wonton folder. Mom wants to make sure I can feed myself with meals up to her caliber, so I was her right hand while making homemade wontons and soup. Yum. Makes me salivate just looking at the picture.  

{eaten shortly after}

Filling stomachs and picnicking and dozing off
with the family for the day.

*Ann Taylor blue and white striped sleeveless top. Forever 21 floral shorts. J. Crew charcoal leather clutch. 
Shown below: Cole Haan black leather loafers.* 

Finds from my hunts:
Avalon Exchange- shoes.
Wrentham Outlet- clutch.


Saturday, May 26, 2012


Undergoing School Withdrawal.
It's fantastic being home home, but I miss the home I've made for myself miles away. It's super nice.
Trust me. You'd love it too. 
::shout out to all my friends being so ridiculously supportive::

Being back gives me free time. Bundles of it. Enough to the brink of me not knowing what to do with it. Lies. I've been blogging (duh and !), interning like a boss (ha), jogging up some sweat, and working on projects for next year. I appreciate the time home to inhale and exhale without shoveling a taco salad down my esophagus between all the activities. But I kind of miss that too.

New England is bringing in the hotness to start off the long weekend. Opted for an outfit that isn't suffocating at all. Roaming for the day.

*Tiny seafoam lace tank. Forever 21 black skirt. H&M gold flower belt. Bestly leather etched satchel.
Shown below: Ecote wooden sandals. brandless metal face earrings.*

Ecote sandals are from Urban Outfitters.

Finds from my hunts:
Mom's closet- satchel.
Avalon Exchange- earrings.
Anthropologie (sale!)- tank. 

{mom carried that satchel over to America. & earring face, why are you so cool.}

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Pops of Words&Colors

Words can very much inspire and invigorate me.
I'll stop before I butcher Mike Peter's commencement speech.

Stayed for graduation and so so glad I did. Got some down time. Spent it with loving people. Had a little vacation before the summer even began. It was humid and I didn't expect anything else. Wore light fabrics and a skirt to keep my body from having a melt down, literally. The top is actually part of my business wardrobe,
but why not. 

*Ann Taylor silver silky wrap top. Zara blood-orange skirt. BCBGeneration orange and brown colorblock wedges.*

Finds from my hunts:
Marshalls- wedges. 
Wrentham Outlet- top. 

Green Grass Treasure Trove

Sunlight and foliage! Props to Mr. Mongeau for teaching me that word in eighth grade. No office time today so I'm home wrestling with Dizzy. He was running around while the pictures were being taken so I'm surprised he didn't make too many candid appearances. A pretty casual outfit that even incorporates a pair of Hollister denim cut-offs. Also from eighth grade. Meh, it happens. Other than that, this ensemble is pretty much the epitome of thrifty treasures.

*brandless metallic paisley top. Hollister denim shorts. 
Shown below: Seychelles leather studded wedges. Monet long gold earrings.* 

Finds from my hunts:
Avalon Exchange- shirt & wedges & earrings.

{want. to. paint. tree. bark.}

I'm itching to paint but had to leave the easel and oil colors back at school. Sadness. Will go rummage through the fully stocked fridge now. Oh, the luxuries of home. 

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Homebound Firsts

I've been waiting to write this first blog post! Flew home yesterday after a delay-crazy day at the aeroport. Scratched some sketches out while I was waiting so that the only thing reminding me of the time was my stomach gnawing on itself. Googled "phoenix" and picked two enticing pictures. First time I've put pencil to paper for reasons more than text and doodles.

{completed at 2:46 pm}
{completed at 3:10 pm}

Went into my internship for the first time today. Love it. Being a Sales and Business Management intern at Content Raven for the next three hot and muggy and New England filled wonderful months. Of course, there is a first day outfit. Keeping it a bit toned down for the cubicles, but still my style, nonetheless.

{off to work slash adventures slash salutes?}
*Francesca's Collection Boutique red ikat blouse. Steve Madden neutral color-block satchel. Jessica Simpson metal and bead sandals.
Shown below: brandless white and gold hoop earrings.*

Finds from my hunts:
Marshalls- satchel & sandals.
Flea market- earrings.

In the details:
{flee market faves}

Attempted to test out my new Canon 60D even though it's late tonight. Good thing I have access to the majestic and vivid background of my staircase at home. Quality of photos: questionable. But I was determined to get this first post up. Determined, I tell you.