Saturday, June 30, 2012

Redwoods to Wharf

I might as well be a hermit that lives in a tree trunk.




{sweeping clouds)

Although it would've been nice to see the grandeur of the bridge in its entirety, the fog added
its own presence.

Just being related. 
Our goosebump-ridden freak sesh at Fishermen's Wharf.

Friday, June 29, 2012

The Terra of Hwy1

Swerved along the 17 mile coastal drive on Highway One today. I dislike being cooped up in a vehicle so it was much appreciated when we stopped at each pinpointed location to walk and see.

 *Kenar knit sweater. Delia*s Morgan light wash skinny jeans. Bestly leather etched satchel.
Gap gold woven sandals.*

Grabbed the sweater and sandals for $15 each.

Finds from my hunts:
Marshalls- sweater.
Mom's closet- satchel.

Nooks Along 17 Miles

Some of today's sights that I loved.


{i spy: a seal}


{lone cypress antlers. WINNING.}

Half Moon Bay, I Love.

Go to Half Moon Bay. Go.
It was by far one of the most gorgeous and refreshing areas I've ever been to. Although a national park, it doesn't fill up with many people and most are there in RVs to build a fire and lounge with family. Parties of people rode horses along the walk. Bicycles whizzed by us. And we strolled on the trails lined with wildflowers, looking off to the haze-covered mountains. I wish I could be a gnome and live in those fields.
Pretty please.

*Hale Bob tiny floral print top. Delia*s Morgan light wash skinny jeans. Nick and Mo patched corduroy jacket. Converse Chuck Taylor black lo-tops. Franco Sarto cat eyed tortoise sunglasses. brandless metal face earrings.*

Finds from my hunts:
Marshalls- top.
Avalon Exchange- earrings.


Take me back.


John Muir should've been there. There were trinkets amongst trinkets along the path hugged by the pacific coast and the mountainside farms. And for some reason, the ambiance of the place reminded me of China [or what little feel of it I had before the age of 3]. Mom agreed, and her memory holds validity since she grew up in China.

{I gasped when I saw these.}

{bee living the life}


Nature confuses the brother:

{it's a snake..}
{it's a worm..}
{it IS a BUG. correcto.}

Artiste of waste:

{1st sighting: adorably sad}

{2nd sighting: simple sketches}

And on our drive back:

{Sound of Music much?}

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Ready to Fly

Let's gooo. Ready for my honey roasted peanuts and six hour ride.

My air-bound dressing sanity:
Minimal/easy jewelry to take off&on during security.
No mascara for easy yawning and eye rubs.
Wear items that could be broken in the suitcases [this time around, it's sunglasses].
Long bottoms to avoid sticking to the seats. It's mental and sanitary.
A top that can be used as a light jacket throughout vacation.
Shoes without buckles or straps or laces for during security, again.


 *J. Crew chambray button-up. Dalia Collection coral crop pants. Forever 21 ikat scarf. Franco Sarto cat eyed tortoise sunglasses. Jessica Simpson metal and bead sandals.

Finds from my hunts:
Marshalls- pants & sunglasses & sandals.
Wrentham Outlet- button-up.

{ah, my definition of packing light. not too shabby.}
[secret: that's Dan taking the picture]

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Take on a Classic

First journey E.V.E.R. to California tomorrow!! Hopping on JetBlue and crossing my fingers that we don't have a repeat of Summer Two Thousand Eight. Ehh. Threw up at the Palace of Versailles as my Latin teacher held my hair back. So many thank yous and sorrys to everyone on that trip...and to my French teacher's home country France. 

How I imagine tomorrow will unfold:
Need to Garmin our way to Logan cause mom hates driving and hates being driven. 
Pop motion sickness pills.
Trot past TSA.
 Pop more pills.
Force eyes close to sleep.
Open said eyes.

Last full day on the east coast so I decided to do the classic button-up with jeans for work. And by decided I mean post snoozing it [aka the Timba ringing] for thirty minutes after a dessert night with two pretty fantastic girls (who, coincidentally, both took French with me).

Mom and I also had a quick Marshalls rendezvous after work. Picked up the black leather flats featured below plus four other gems. Yayy!
*DKNY City silk patterned button-up. Hudson dark wash boot cut jeans. Nine West black bow leather flats. brandless gold flower figurine earrings.*

I have a Macy's Black Friday Sale and a couple of ones to thank for those earrings.

Finds from my hunts:
Nordstrom Rack- jeans [heavily discounted since previously hemmed aka perfect for me!].
Marshalls- flats.
Mom's closet- button-up. 

{blank stare O_O}
{some pretty anti-girly bows}

Claps to the shortest photo snapping session. Five minutes.
Must start packing.

Monday, June 25, 2012

Outer Shells

Because monsters were raging war in the sky today, I avoided shooting photos in the drenched outdoors. And since a light button-up or blazer haven't kept the goosebumps at bay, I've needed a jacket. Which made me think about the different types of outwear I own with their little quirks. Then I picked out a few that I love love. So that's how my thought process went to photographing these three pieces. 

Elevenses Ruffle Trim Trench from Anthropologie.
I swooped in like a starved scavenger a few years back to make this jacket mine after forking up $60. Savings? About $140. I can do that. 

Nick and Mo brown corduroy jacket from Nordstorm's bp section.
  A flashback to my preteen days, and yet I still love this with its jumble of buttons and patchwork and angles.

Pelle Studio faux fur collar wool coat from Wilson Leather at Wrentham Outlet.
After two price slashers on the clearance rack plus a Wrentham Outlet coupon, this came down from $300 to $60. The equivalent of the Elevenses trench. I therefore crown this the 2011 Post-Holiday Season Winner.

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Conquering Beantown

Six hour adventure walk through Newbury Street, Boston Public Garden, Boston Commons, Chinatown, Boston Harbor, and Fanuiel Hall.
And two miles of holding on to the edges of a $10 umbrella to save a 1K piece of camera equipment during the torrential downpour.
Win of a day.


Two people and a sculpture park:



{mom's vintage purse}

Mirror picture ten minutes before the storm:

Passing out right about. Now.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

It's Casual.

Working at a young start-up with a relatively casual atmosphere means I shouldn't be whipping out work pumps or a blazer-pencil skirt combo [let's spell]. I like to tone things down a bit because being comfortable physically and mentally means I can concentrate on the actual work. And since I ruined my linen pants from being careless with oil paint & am on the hunt for cropped pants that make me immediately say IlookGOOD, I've been going jeans on jeans on jeans with a splash of coral capris. With a favorite tank and fitted blazer. And I just switch out the jeans for shorts or a skirt once I'm home for some summer time.

But my thoughts in the mornings don't revolve around the jeweled trinkets I'd like to adorn or even the homemade soy milk on the kitchen counter. Truth to be told, when I initially get woken up by the sunrise all I can think about is "the alarm hasn't EVEN rung yet" and -_-.
It happens and I'm okay with it.

*Nine West neutral knit blazer. Cynthia Rowley blue patterned scallop tank. Express white jean shorts. Forever 21 cascading bronze flowers necklace. Tommy Hilfiger green band sandals.*

Grabbed this blazer when I was 15 and am just now wearing it around. Whoops but yay!! 

Finds from my hunts:
Marshalls- blazer & tank & sandals.

Basically the same.

[I don't know why I love this look..]