Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Dreamlog: One of Many

One of my beyond ridiculously vivid dreams:

I was somehow immersed in the middle of a clan of superheros, and the supposedly "Superman" character told me I had to go with him. I was narrating these happenings to my boyfriend as "Superman" picked me up [in a stork transporting newborn position], and another Hawkeye-like Jeremy Renner via the Avengers superhero was driving to the designated location. During our flight, Superwoman(?), "Superman's" wife was giving us some incomprehensible information, but I have a sense that she was just chastising me. The scene of our flight is above a map sketched out on old parchment paper and as we travel, our route is being traced by a black ink line below displaying the path that we've been on. Just as I was wondering if the other superhero already got there, we start to spiral down and our closing spiral is traced as we narrow in on our location. A little bolt of light flashes, and we disappear at the center of the spiral. "18 days" is marked by the black ink on the parchment paper. We fly down just as the other superhero gets there on his motorcycle. It's night and we're on a desert with a small wooden shack house. 
And then it's around 7:30 am, and I'm awake.

Apparently, I fell back asleep and began dreaming yet again. I was with my boyfriend ["M" for the sake of simplicity] and "N" and "E" and we were watching a horror film at his house, which was a white marble mansion (doing it big in my dream..a bit too big). But the horror film was a continuation of my previous dream! As we watch, I'm experiencing the movie as if I'm in it.

  A circle of four or five wooden chairs is set up in the desert. I'm with the previous two superheros and another couple, and each of us is behind a chair. And on each chair sits a villain. We go one by one and use a hammer to hit the chair at a specific angle with such strength that by simply connecting with the chair, the hammer is able to shatter each villain. Their limbs fall apart as the body flies forward. But as we near the third chair and the hammer hits, the villain is badly hurt and not killed because that superhero's strength was weakened as a consequence of him upsetting a family member. So the villain is frantic now since he has to wait and endure another blow. Another superhero, who is against violence, takes over. He kills the villain quickly with the faintest tap of the hammer on the chair, just strong enough to kill without any explosion. Then it's my turn to hit my chair. However, the villain in my chair gets up and tries to run away but two bat figures attack her face and her eyes decompose and sink into their sockets. The villain up next girl also gets up to run away and helps the villain who's under attack. They are chased towards the ocean by the force of bats. But once they reach the shore, there is an army of night-lit figures or demons or ghosts approaching from the sea.
 And then I'm back at M's house covering my eyes as the movie ends.

So the four of us decide to walk to N's or E's house because they are all neighbors. We walk to our side yard and it's freezing outside so M wraps an arm around me as we near a barbeque/party held on M's neighbor's side yard. We walk through and up to the path running parallel along all the backyards and a river on the other side. I was sharing with M about how I used to go rafting with friends and get picked up by parents at the end of the river when I went to Sarah's house who had a neighborhood set up just like this with a path behind the houses next to a river but...THAT MEMORY IS ACTUALLY FROM ONE OF MY OTHER DREAMS.

As we walked along the backyards, we neared a border of WashU, which was a small theme park-like entrance. M's pottery teacher was in line at the entrance but I vaguely recognized him and hid away.  Along WashU's border was the opening to three water slides that led down to campus, and we dipped our fingers into them. M mentioned that he didn't know how to raft (?) since his neighborhood wasn't as close as Sarah's, which didn't actually relate to the waterslides but still. We wrapped around and walked through a quaint London-esque town. M says that Jennifer Lawrence from The Hunger Games will come to WashU because she goes to NYU, and he wants to ask her a question. But I say that she probably won't since she'll be in NYC and that'll be easier for her to work on more movies. And then we walk some more and through a large hall [imagine Hogwarts] that's apart of WashU and wave to a girl standing in a line. M and I sit down at a grand cafeteria. I'm leaning on him and we decide to go get food at the buffet. N and E appear and I feel bad that we separated from them. So bad that I feel sick to my stomach (?) and run away towards M's house. I sprint through campus since his house apparently borders it. Plus, I left my cell phone at his house. I hide along a stone ledge when I see M approaching but in distress. He bumps into one of his neighbors and asks her if she saw me but she didn't. But M has to run to pottery class because he's already late. I'm back on my way to his hous but see N and we chat and draw together on a stone table. I get a message from M saying that he couldn't find me but left my cell phone with someone. He also asks me if I still love him. And of course I do, so I say bye to N to go find M.
And woke up!

I swear I don't take sleeping medication [or any medication slash drugs in general].
Texted this to M within 90 minutes after I woke up.
Who am I.