Sunday, June 17, 2012

And [love]

Ran errands until dinner time and ended the day with an amazing [coffee oreo] ice cream chat with a far beyond amazing friend. I've been a bit doubtful of myself for a couple of days, and she echoed the voice of reason that I thought I had. It was one of those conversations where two people are on the exact same wavelength, and I could barely keep my eyeballs from bulging out as I yelled "EXACTLY" thirty times over and over again. Thanks for the friendship, Simran. I honestly couldn't have asked for more.    

There was a breeze today and it felt more like spring than summer. I opted for a casual outfit decked out with my mom's hand-me-downs as we swiffered and lugged and erranded.

*DKNY City silk patterned button-up. Calvin Klein Jeans shorts. Ecote wooden sandals. brandless stones and metal necklace. American Eagle braided leather belt [which is way too long].*

Cut up my mom's 90's high-waist jeans & found that leather belt while we were spring/summer cleaning!

Ecote sandals are from Urban Outfitters. 

Finds from my hunts:
Mom's closet- button-up & [refurbished] shorts.
Nordstrom Rack- necklace [w/o brand tag].

{found: most favorite patch of grass in the backyard}

 And, of course. Bunches and loads and hoards of thanks and love to the man who doesn't know how to not put family first.