Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Philosophy of the Too Too Wise

There was definitely a period of time that I just bought whatever intrigued me once I got a few Jacksons on hand. No matter if I could actually see myself wearing it besides just when I go parading it around the house was besides the point. If I knew that would be the lowest sale price, and the pattern made me squeal or if the brand was top-notch, I'd grab it.
In. A. Heart. Beat. It was bad.
Let's call that the Naive and Wasteful Times. NAWT.
{aka nawt what to do. ha.}

But over the past couple of years, my mom's formerly nitpicky badgering ways finally got through to me. And now, instead of needing more and more hangers to display the clothes that will probably only ever remain on display, I focus on what I'd wear and love.

I try to keep some sanity in mind:

1. Know what you need but try to hold off on buying it until the off-season. Cause you probably don't NEED it this minute. Or else you'd have it already.

2. But, if you really do need it now...hit up the shops with all the coupons you can muster. Know your style. Because if you need something, don't just grab what looks okay, especially if you may not be getting the best deal.

3. Stop focusing on the brand. Focus on the quality. There is a difference.

4. Being aware of the treads are nice. Being dragged around by the trends are not.

5. If it looks good on you, then it looks good on you. Because you're your harshest critic. Don't worry about what others will think.

6. It's okay to walk out of a store without buying anything. Perfectly okay.

7. Don't forget about what you already own. If anything, they should be valued above the potential buys because they were actually bought. Therefore, they've already passed the test.