Monday, June 18, 2012

Wink or No Wink

Self-discovery at work that isn't only work-related:
I friken love mangos.
Cubicles with walls that are too high make me freak. So I need to decorate them.
 The right group of people are hilariously wonderful.
Panera is the watering hole for attractive females. Apparently?
Thinking I can work eight hours straight w/o breaks was a mistake. Breaks are very good.
I love numbers.
Teenage boys can be reckless and gross.
I love 8tracks. Especially this mix that helps me zone in on work and zone out on everything else.
Once you figure out how to live off free meals, you're golden.
And I can't wink. Wuht is this.
Blotched endeavor last week:

my winking break.