Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Take on a Classic

First journey E.V.E.R. to California tomorrow!! Hopping on JetBlue and crossing my fingers that we don't have a repeat of Summer Two Thousand Eight. Ehh. Threw up at the Palace of Versailles as my Latin teacher held my hair back. So many thank yous and sorrys to everyone on that trip...and to my French teacher's home country France. 

How I imagine tomorrow will unfold:
Need to Garmin our way to Logan cause mom hates driving and hates being driven. 
Pop motion sickness pills.
Trot past TSA.
 Pop more pills.
Force eyes close to sleep.
Open said eyes.

Last full day on the east coast so I decided to do the classic button-up with jeans for work. And by decided I mean post snoozing it [aka the Timba ringing] for thirty minutes after a dessert night with two pretty fantastic girls (who, coincidentally, both took French with me).

Mom and I also had a quick Marshalls rendezvous after work. Picked up the black leather flats featured below plus four other gems. Yayy!
*DKNY City silk patterned button-up. Hudson dark wash boot cut jeans. Nine West black bow leather flats. brandless gold flower figurine earrings.*

I have a Macy's Black Friday Sale and a couple of ones to thank for those earrings.

Finds from my hunts:
Nordstrom Rack- jeans [heavily discounted since previously hemmed aka perfect for me!].
Marshalls- flats.
Mom's closet- button-up. 

{blank stare O_O}
{some pretty anti-girly bows}

Claps to the shortest photo snapping session. Five minutes.
Must start packing.