Thursday, June 21, 2012

It's Casual.

Working at a young start-up with a relatively casual atmosphere means I shouldn't be whipping out work pumps or a blazer-pencil skirt combo [let's spell]. I like to tone things down a bit because being comfortable physically and mentally means I can concentrate on the actual work. And since I ruined my linen pants from being careless with oil paint & am on the hunt for cropped pants that make me immediately say IlookGOOD, I've been going jeans on jeans on jeans with a splash of coral capris. With a favorite tank and fitted blazer. And I just switch out the jeans for shorts or a skirt once I'm home for some summer time.

But my thoughts in the mornings don't revolve around the jeweled trinkets I'd like to adorn or even the homemade soy milk on the kitchen counter. Truth to be told, when I initially get woken up by the sunrise all I can think about is "the alarm hasn't EVEN rung yet" and -_-.
It happens and I'm okay with it.

*Nine West neutral knit blazer. Cynthia Rowley blue patterned scallop tank. Express white jean shorts. Forever 21 cascading bronze flowers necklace. Tommy Hilfiger green band sandals.*

Grabbed this blazer when I was 15 and am just now wearing it around. Whoops but yay!! 

Finds from my hunts:
Marshalls- blazer & tank & sandals.

Basically the same.

[I don't know why I love this look..]