Friday, June 15, 2012

[blue] Blazer Fever

I've been wanting to add an additional blazer to my collection of 2 for some time, but waited it out until the summer. And TADA: cobalt blue blazer for a cool $42. 
I'm not actually a rich/opaque blue fan and tend to lean towards red slash orange slash warmer hues in general, but thought I'd give this number a try. Plan on pairing it with some white pants, flowy dresses, and anything else I can find to complement this new color in my wardrobe. 

Did a hour's worth of shopping in my mom's closet tonight too. For the win. Picked up some silk button-ups and suits with 80's shoulder pads that I may modify here and there- those items will be filtering in to future posts. BUT, the treasure hunting conversation almost went like this:

mom --> "Shoulder pads were my THING."
me --> "I guess they can be my thing too..?"
mom --> "YES. Now try this navy one on. And this grey one. With its matching pants [that taper at the bottom just a teeny bit too much]." 
me --> "Oh, yes! I love ginormous shoulder pads. And extremely tapered pants. [meerp]"

I tried to not get blindsided by all the free clothes and "omgvintage...musthave" thoughts, phew, because some power suits are just meant to stay in their dry cleaner garment bags. Hidden away. 
*Express cobalt blue blazer. Abercrombie and Fitch loose tee. J. Crew white shorts. Ann Taylor silver metallic skinny belt. Forever 21 jewel floral metals necklace. BCBGeneration orange and brown colorblock wedges.*

The tee is a throwback to middle school.

Finds from my hunts:
Wrentham Outlet- shorts & belt.
Marshalls- wedges.