Monday, June 25, 2012

Outer Shells

Because monsters were raging war in the sky today, I avoided shooting photos in the drenched outdoors. And since a light button-up or blazer haven't kept the goosebumps at bay, I've needed a jacket. Which made me think about the different types of outwear I own with their little quirks. Then I picked out a few that I love love. So that's how my thought process went to photographing these three pieces. 

Elevenses Ruffle Trim Trench from Anthropologie.
I swooped in like a starved scavenger a few years back to make this jacket mine after forking up $60. Savings? About $140. I can do that. 

Nick and Mo brown corduroy jacket from Nordstorm's bp section.
  A flashback to my preteen days, and yet I still love this with its jumble of buttons and patchwork and angles.

Pelle Studio faux fur collar wool coat from Wilson Leather at Wrentham Outlet.
After two price slashers on the clearance rack plus a Wrentham Outlet coupon, this came down from $300 to $60. The equivalent of the Elevenses trench. I therefore crown this the 2011 Post-Holiday Season Winner.