Wednesday, January 30, 2013


I have been actively avoiding the blog. Actively. PROactively. Because all I wanted to do since seven days ago is flubber about my industrial piercing. And all I could think about was how my mom would know of my doings through a blog post. And that, would be not so ideal. I Facetimed with her the week before I did it and told her I wanted to get another piercing. She thought I just meant a simple second hole and was vehemently against it. Not the aggressive type of vehemently since she's more liberal than people give her credit, but simply that it would not be a good idea. For my pain threshold. For the aftercare nuisance. For my future employers. [ >_< to the last comment ] I told her I was actually looking to get two holes in my cartilage. Heh. Pretttty sure she thought I was playing around with some wishful thinking but little did she know... 

On 1/23 in the year 2013, I got my industrial!! Went to Self Inflicted Studios downtown and sweated out 3 pounds before they 3-hole punched my ear. Gwen has one too and basically exposed me to this phenomenon  I miss her and she's in Brasil, but I thought of her a lot during this whole thing. And VAVABOOM I gots one! 

I Facetimed my mom again today and impulsively wanted to show her. Mom's reaction?
"Hahahah, you're silly." 

[before: my hands were shaking with sweat.]

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Yellow Daydreams

Had a beautifully delicious and captivating moment today while I was sprawled out on my back in College Hall. The yellow wood and sunshine made the air particles hit by light sparkle and dance right above me. We were taking a ten minute break from our Event Assistant training, and Adam played a tune through the speakers. The sound of strings to a western wailed in a surprisingly delightful way throughout the space. I was brought back to sweet memories from the past that had been somehow tucked away. Memories from when I was about ten and spent most of my days outside. And my first days of experiencing romance in its purest and most unrelenting form with no other considerations to think about. To a specific memory that shocked me with my own drama and sweet desperation.


On the morning that we were driving away from New Jersey up to Massachusetts, my mom made a stop for me two miles away from the home we were leaving. Drenched in tears, I entered a full classroom of my friends and hugged them all in their shock. I made my way to the desk and placed a poster size card of imissyous into its open-face drawer. The boy I was saying good bye to had stayed home for the morning after our last performance. We were both the leads in our fifth grade musical. And less than twelve hours after standing on stage together, I was on my way up north to a whole new place. 


Not-real-life-real-life moment. 
Thanks Danse Caribe for such an innocent and loving five minutes today.         

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

4evr a Kid

Disney is my jam, actually//literally/for realz. It was beyond nostalgic and sweet exploring the parks with Dan since he had never been to Disney World. I was his age when we first went down to Florida, which I cannot BELIEVE because I am pretty sure I had coherent and mature thoughts..which means my little brother is having thoughts on that level too? Or I am just egotistical about my eight year old self? Regardless, it was a magical experience with him. We ran head first into Magic Kingdom's Tomorrowland, so much so that Dan actually tripped and face planted on the ground. But I hoisted him up so we could pass the threshold together. I miss that nugget.

It's been an apt day to daydream about Disney since this first week of classes already requires me to use whentowork for figuring out friend dates. Not really, but I should. o_O 

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Birthdays Will Always Be Awesome

To a Happy New Year!!

Spent the past few weeks soaking in the love of the people who I love and didn't bother wrestling with molasses level wifi so there's much to show and chat about! Sam's twenty-third birthday was right before I left for Disney so I planned a balloon fiesta and surprise Skype party with his family. The 23 balloons carried notes of a narrative I crafted with some relevant gifts attached. The pieces of paper bound into a 23 page booklet as the final present. The sight was beautifully cheerful. :)