Wednesday, January 30, 2013


I have been actively avoiding the blog. Actively. PROactively. Because all I wanted to do since seven days ago is flubber about my industrial piercing. And all I could think about was how my mom would know of my doings through a blog post. And that, would be not so ideal. I Facetimed with her the week before I did it and told her I wanted to get another piercing. She thought I just meant a simple second hole and was vehemently against it. Not the aggressive type of vehemently since she's more liberal than people give her credit, but simply that it would not be a good idea. For my pain threshold. For the aftercare nuisance. For my future employers. [ >_< to the last comment ] I told her I was actually looking to get two holes in my cartilage. Heh. Pretttty sure she thought I was playing around with some wishful thinking but little did she know... 

On 1/23 in the year 2013, I got my industrial!! Went to Self Inflicted Studios downtown and sweated out 3 pounds before they 3-hole punched my ear. Gwen has one too and basically exposed me to this phenomenon  I miss her and she's in Brasil, but I thought of her a lot during this whole thing. And VAVABOOM I gots one! 

I Facetimed my mom again today and impulsively wanted to show her. Mom's reaction?
"Hahahah, you're silly." 

[before: my hands were shaking with sweat.]