Monday, February 4, 2013

To Play

Friday night was breathtakingly magical. To the point that I actually had my mouth hang open multiple multiple times. On our way out earlier in the night, fireworks began exploding in the sky. For a hot second, I was a bit freaked out. They were big, the in-your-face kind of big. We noticed that they were coming from Mudd Field and ran. Shooting from the ground were sizzling colors and light. Chinese New Years lit up the sky.

And on our way home, fat, fluffy, sticky flakes that looked like pulled-apart cotton balls were falling. I walked home blissful and stood astonished when I approached the Swamp. Snowmen were already built and the roar of a hundred laughs accompanied the throws of a hundred snowballs. It was the first time I felt like a kid in college. The blinding feeling where cold cannot be felt and screams follow laughter and laughter follows screams. 

Best night.