Wednesday, January 16, 2013

4evr a Kid

Disney is my jam, actually//literally/for realz. It was beyond nostalgic and sweet exploring the parks with Dan since he had never been to Disney World. I was his age when we first went down to Florida, which I cannot BELIEVE because I am pretty sure I had coherent and mature thoughts..which means my little brother is having thoughts on that level too? Or I am just egotistical about my eight year old self? Regardless, it was a magical experience with him. We ran head first into Magic Kingdom's Tomorrowland, so much so that Dan actually tripped and face planted on the ground. But I hoisted him up so we could pass the threshold together. I miss that nugget.

It's been an apt day to daydream about Disney since this first week of classes already requires me to use whentowork for figuring out friend dates. Not really, but I should. o_O