Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Homebound Firsts

I've been waiting to write this first blog post! Flew home yesterday after a delay-crazy day at the aeroport. Scratched some sketches out while I was waiting so that the only thing reminding me of the time was my stomach gnawing on itself. Googled "phoenix" and picked two enticing pictures. First time I've put pencil to paper for reasons more than text and doodles.

{completed at 2:46 pm}
{completed at 3:10 pm}

Went into my internship for the first time today. Love it. Being a Sales and Business Management intern at Content Raven for the next three hot and muggy and New England filled wonderful months. Of course, there is a first day outfit. Keeping it a bit toned down for the cubicles, but still my style, nonetheless.

{off to work slash adventures slash salutes?}
*Francesca's Collection Boutique red ikat blouse. Steve Madden neutral color-block satchel. Jessica Simpson metal and bead sandals.
Shown below: brandless white and gold hoop earrings.*

Finds from my hunts:
Marshalls- satchel & sandals.
Flea market- earrings.

In the details:
{flee market faves}

Attempted to test out my new Canon 60D even though it's late tonight. Good thing I have access to the majestic and vivid background of my staircase at home. Quality of photos: questionable. But I was determined to get this first post up. Determined, I tell you.