Thursday, May 24, 2012

Green Grass Treasure Trove

Sunlight and foliage! Props to Mr. Mongeau for teaching me that word in eighth grade. No office time today so I'm home wrestling with Dizzy. He was running around while the pictures were being taken so I'm surprised he didn't make too many candid appearances. A pretty casual outfit that even incorporates a pair of Hollister denim cut-offs. Also from eighth grade. Meh, it happens. Other than that, this ensemble is pretty much the epitome of thrifty treasures.

*brandless metallic paisley top. Hollister denim shorts. 
Shown below: Seychelles leather studded wedges. Monet long gold earrings.* 

Finds from my hunts:
Avalon Exchange- shirt & wedges & earrings.

{want. to. paint. tree. bark.}

I'm itching to paint but had to leave the easel and oil colors back at school. Sadness. Will go rummage through the fully stocked fridge now. Oh, the luxuries of home.