Saturday, December 8, 2012

Frosted Goodness

NOW it is officially 'tis the season of frosted Christmas trees and gingerbread making & smashing!! After two hours of a holiday spree, we decorated the tree and played Qwirkle with Seth and Sampy in a festively lite apartment. It was the perfect night to end a hectically wonderful week.

Somehow seven days stretched out to fit a lot more than I thought seven days could hold. I have been planning DSP banquet and it went beautifully Thursday evening. Taking a non-stress attitude for the night, I decided to enjoy all the hard work put into it instead of running around like a crazy person about the name tags being neon yellow (cause they were. and they looked pretty rad) or whatever else popped up. And lastly, I was given the TJX internship and have officially accepted [!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!]. I've kept it under wraps a bit and am so so excited to be working there over the summer. Could NOT have found a better fit.

And some metallic tops for this holiday season- I grabbed mine from Avalon Exchange:

polka dots
dipped back
cut down sleeve
front knot