Monday, March 25, 2013

And Had A Really Really Really Good Time


Had the most AHMAZING internal-organs-squishing-front-row-pit-jamming concert ever yesterday. WUSTOCK is one of WashU's largest free concerts to the students and...MACKLEMORE CAME THIS YEAR!! But because of a freak snow storm to welcome spring, the concert moved to the Pageant venue and only 2,000 people were allowed. I lucked out and was able to go.

I am IN LOVE hearts and all with my sequin shirt from Avalon. I wear it to Macklemore. I wear it to lounge.  I wear it on gloomy days. So here are some more snazzy sassy sequin tops:
black leopard
geo block
heart cutout
leaf tee
colorful ombre

We held him up standing above the crowd. And then everyone fell and my legs were flattened by the weight of the crowd (actually.) I cried during Same Love and Otherside. And And Sam caught a water bottle Macklemore threw. And Julie and I pleaded with security to let us take it out.

Then we walked a couple miles in the snowland home. Basically, perfect.