Saturday, March 30, 2013

The Stomps of Blue Footed Boobies

What a revitalizing weekend!

Been feeling a bit boggled by academics lately- the mid-college slump? future planning strugs? should've been in architecture? ShouldaCouldaWouldas of a week.

So instead, I painted all Friday and we hiked around Laumeier Sculpture Park today before I returned to touching up the painting. It was terrific, and just what I needed. More photos of the painting to come as it gets finished up, but I realized that it's not always hard to do what you love. I'd like to think that my logical self is appeased on the regular by my studies and academic direction. And even my whole self knows that I truly do enjoy marketing. But more recently than ever, I've been wistfully wishing that I had been brought up just a little bit more liberal, not that I could ever blame my beyond impressive and hard working parents. But I wonder what I'd be like if I had dived into art years before the latter half of college freshmen year. Right now, I've just breached the threshold of "oh, this looks like a painting." I haven't quite reach the confidence level that would allow me to fully believe in my skills so I struggle a bit to commit. It's been 5 months since I last painted- EEKS! I don't even plan on waiting more than a week this time around.

I think I have very sporadic and choppy thoughts..

On a brighter note, baby blue footies [!!]: