Friday, May 24, 2013

MishMosh of Memories with Kin

[uh. his shirt makes little to no sense.]

I can't continue on without recapping my journey home on my day of birth!! It was a swift turnaround period from landing home to flying off to Europe, but the two days home could not have been better or more of a tease! Stepped into my room at 2am to a dozen fresh roses and birthday galore. TJX also sent a Welcome Basket!! Truly overcame by the pure love and thoughtfulness, I stayed up for another 2 hours with a smile plastered to my face. It was actually a bit wrenching to leave the family for Europe but these past two weeks abroad have been filled with so so much. More to come in tomorrow's post!


HAD to congratulate Daniel on being an absolute star. Went to see their 2nd grade show Going Buggy this morning and I felt like a suburban mom proud of her son. And laughed at all of the children's silliness. What has become of me. And mad props to those delectable treats all in bug forms at the "reception" [cram as many people into pint size classrooms as eagerly as possible]. Pinterest much??

&& blue&white printed pants: