Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Humpty Dumpty

This week feels fragile and loving, and I'm a bit out of sorts. Even the simplest tasks have a cloud hovering over them. I'm thankful for having my friends with me and notice that I rely on them in even the littlest of ways. Knowing that they are with me gives me a sense of relief. 

Emily, you may never have known this, but your ambition to pursue art gave me the courage to bring it back into my life. After hearing your parents speak, I wish we had met earlier freshmen year because first semester was rough beyond my expectations as well and maybe we could have pulled each other out of our desperate I-need-to-transfer mindset. But even now, I look around my room and know that it's beautiful and lovely because you helped me embrace creativity again. Saw this comic this morning and couldn't stop myself from heaving tears into my hair. For the next seven years, I am going to throw myself into becoming a painter that I'm proud of. Always thinking of you.