Monday, October 1, 2012


Express dress. [bargain or indulge]
Guess heels. [bargain or indulge]
{thrifted} Monet earrings. [bargain or indulge]

Fancy fancy for less than $50.

Finds from my hunt:
Marshalls- dress & heels.
Avalon Exchange- earrings.


After a week that tested my tolerance and understanding with the chaos of our lives, I continued to turn towards the people who have shown me more love than I ever thought possible. 

At our Red Dress Philanthropy Gala (thanks thanks thanks to Gwen, Sam, and Sara), I smiled to myself thinking about how I never thought I would be in a sorority and about how lucky I am that Alpha Phi has genuinely touched my life. Sam, boyfriend Sam, defined us with having grace; I could not have found a better word. Grace under pressure. Grace under despair. Grace under madness. But also grace with love. Grace with the fullness of our hearts.

I don't think I will ever stop being astounded by this group of women. But I do know that I have began loving and being loved with the deepest and fullest sense of the word. As much as I have been missing my family this week, I have been able to turn to my friends for comfort or a simple unlady-like burst of laughter. And that's how I know everything will be okay.    

-the details-

Most humbling moment of the night: Sam gave me this ring to remind me of how appreciated I am.