Sunday, October 7, 2012

Quality Time

{brandless} fur coat. [bargain or indulge]
Worthington blouse. [bargain or indulge]
Seven of All Mankind jeans. [bargain or indulge]
{thrifted} Laredo leather boots. [bargain or indulge]
Alma mittens. [bargain or indulge]
{thrifted} Coach leather belt. [bargain or indulge]

I am in love with this coat- grabbed it for about $60 
but it had been returned previously and wore no tags.

Thank you Issac for the Secret Santa gifted mittens! 

Finds for my hunt:
Marshalls- coat & jeans.
JCPenney- blouse.
Goodwill- belt.
Avalon Exchange- boots.


It's been in the fifties temperature wise, and I'd like to use the euphemism refreshing over cold to describe the outside. Life has been relaxing and glowing these past couple of days. I may have been a bit worn out so I took this weekend to lounge and enjoy being happy and content.

The family went up to New Hampshire for the long weekend to celebrate Dan's birthday. They saw the circus Friday night and drove up to a cabin afterwards with a few other families. My dad felt bad that I was missing out on the stunning views and family time so he sent over some pictures to make me feel included, and I just chatted with my mom for a while about their trip and our plans for Thanksgiving. School has never felt more like home, but I miss my family and am beyond looking forward to heading back for Turkey Day.