Thursday, August 2, 2012

Copper Waves

Daniel Rainn copper blouse. [bargain or indulge]
Seven of All Mankind wide leg jeans. [bargain or indulge]
Forever 21 floral necklace. [bargain or indulge]
Forever 21 chains necklace. [bargain or indulge]
Seychelles leather studded wedges. [bargain or indulge]
Steve Madden wallet. [bargain or indulge]

Finds from my hunt:
Nordstrom Rack- blouse.
Marshalls- jeans & wallet.
Avalon Exchange- wedges.


A situation that irks me to no end, and one that I fall prey too as well [sadly]: when I'm out browsing the racks with hawk eyes and a magical teal crochet tank with a laced tail or, in this case, a magical copper toned flare blouse at an equally magical price beckons me. I totally and completely answer and bring it home in the bag that I clutch with accomplishment. And then it never makes it into the sunlight again because all I do is admire it on the hanger and not on me. Well that's about to change since I'm making a conscious effort to incorporate those stole away items into my everyday wear. And I begin my quest with this blouse of flourishes, which I bought a good three years ago.

And I honestly question if I'm the only one of suffers from this condition. Meeps.