Thursday, August 2, 2012

How To Thrift Victoriously

This pair of leather strapped, wooden cut-out, round toe studded Seychelles [I could go on] is one of my most beloved thrifting finds. I wear them constantly and unburied them at a local Avalon Exchange next to school. Bought along with a pair of Cole Haan loafers, seen clearly here and last worn here, both pairs were $15 each. And since I had sold some clothes at Avalon, I paid zero in cash. It was a shoe haven of a day. I love them so much and was on the prowl to find similar shoes. Sharing my finds, arranged $ to $$$!


<<< $70 cut-off >>>

Jeffrey Campbell: here and here.
McQ Alexander McQueen: here and here and here
[I love those ^]

Since there aren't too too many thrift or exchange stores near home and I don't have much time for shopping during school, I like to shop efficiently especially when thrifting. Here are my personal tips on how to find that MUSTHAVE item. Cause trust me, it's out there.

1. The obvious: patience and thumbing through racks. But...

2. Quick scan for something that catches your eye. 
Is it that metallic floral shimmer? That perfectly toned leather? 

3. Don't have anything in mind. This may not be the most ideal time to grab a wardrobe essential. Instead, look for unique items that you can't find anywhere else because you probably can't find them anywhere else.

4. It looks great on even if it looks bleh off. March into those dressing rooms and just try it if you're in love with the fabric/design/awesomeness but the shape looks odd.

5. If it makes you squeal, you have a winner.