Tuesday, August 21, 2012

MIA [from The Princess Diaries]

I've been waging war with brain fevers and coastal wifi-less lands and the ultimate training days so sad to say it, but I've been a bit distracted from posting. Right now I'm in between Event Assistant training and caring for the boyfriend I infected with disease but I don't plan on leaving this pet project in the dust. Just taking a necessary hiatus! 

Above is a photo from our place at the Cape while I was people watching. One intense day of sun poisoning basically did me in but the place is always refreshing so it still felt like vacation. And now that I'm at school, it's a whole different type of refreshing but wonderful nonetheless. 

After being M.I.A., I'm trying to hop back on once things settle into a groove aka my shiznitz isn't populating my room and the hall and the common room and the bathroom sink [heh- Alanna, Julie & Libby]. But things I've realized while staring at the the things I have to unpack:

Plastic drawers are impossibly unflattering.
My senior memory board makes me look egotistical.
I don't remember owning so many clothes.
But I still don't have enough hangers.
The $19.95 U-Haul marketing dragged me in and spat me out.
My closet is HUGE.
My closet is so huge that my eyes become momentarily stuck when looking up at the pole. 
Moving furniture induces fevers. 
Finding left over tea packs makes everything better.