Friday, July 6, 2012

And We're Golden.

Darted off to San Francisco and then stopped at Apple's campus with the family today. Major tourist points!! It wasn't foggy slash cloudy at the Golden Gate Bridge today. But still plenty windy. But grand and golden nonetheless.

Gasped when I saw this Tabitha dress at the Crossroads Trading Company on the Haight yesterday. Why? Because I've been salivating over it for a solid six months, at least. Originally priced at $188 from Anthropologie, I still refused to buy it on the sale rack at around $99. College student budget, people. College student budget. But it was hanging on the very first rack at Crossroads, and my brain did a little somersault in disbelief. I need to get it tailored since I had to sacrifice a perfect fit with tinier arm openings on a size zero. However, cut well everywhere else and 100% silk, I can deal with a little adjusting of the top. Price that I found it for? Thirty five bucks equals $35 equals WOOTS.
Looking forward to pairing this dress up with accessories besides just the few I brought in my suitcase. Smiles. 

 *Tabitha Aubrieta silk shirtdress. Gap gold woven sandals. Francesca's Collection Boutique nude chiffon flower earrings.*

Finds from my hunts:
Crossroads Trading Company- shirtdress.

{the duck face ONLY appears in attractive photos. hah.}