Friday, July 27, 2012

Piped Rails & Fretting Florals

 Worthington piped blouse.
Everly floral dress.
American Eagle leather belt.
Ann Taylor ribbon belt.
Seychelles leather studded wedges.
[brandless] sun&moon gold earrings. 

Bunches of thanks for the birthday dress from boyfriend- from Pitaya. {exohs}

Finds from my hunt:
JCPenney- blouse.
Wrentham Outlet- leather belt.
Avalon Exchange- wedges.
Flea market- earrings.


Giggled all the way through lunch with mom and hauled rusty tables&chairs to the dump with dad. I'd say it was a day for bonding, and I enjoyed every bit of it. Now that dad and I are home, in the words of my seven year old brother, "We're a family again." 

I've been using the tripod and self-timer for photos lately, but mom offered to help out today while we were out. And then she saw the train tracks. And had a minor lifeflashinginfrontofyou & daughteriscrazy moment. Well, couple of moments. But then all was fine.