Saturday, July 28, 2012

Love Me Some Teal

 Junk Food tee: cut into tank. [bargain or indulge]
Max Studio maxi skirt. [bargain or indulge]
Forever 21 floral cascade necklace. [bargain or indulge]
Forever 21 jewel necklace. [bargain or indulge]
Nine West leather wedges. [bargain or indulge]

Finds from my hunt:
Marshalls- skirt.
Wrentham Outlet- wedges.


I tried being a tee-shirts kind of girl during my emo middle school years but that didn't transcended into my current style sense. Although I still love the super soft feel of cotton and jersey so I cut up a few old tees yesterday and threw them on today. Wore my "Make Music and Not War" tee to peach&berry picking and then threw on this teal Beatles one once I got home from my afternoon run. Layered some of my favorite floral necklaces to make the look my own, and I was ready for a comfy day.