Sunday, July 1, 2012

Thanks, Mr. Muir.

Trekked up and down Muir Woods, and I felt like Sleeping Beauty in the opening scenes of her in the forests. The redwoods were beautifully grand, and we weren't even amongst the presence of those living in Redwood National Park. Before we walked onto the trails, Dan and I examined the Visitor Center's display of mini figurines standing on paths in the midst of the redwoods. And when we actually walked on those paths, I experienced the ant's-eye view of the trees.

The cliff side drive to Muir Woods was a brand new sight to see in itself. With vertical drops right along the road and clouds pacing by, we stopped a handful of times for a look-see.

With temperatures hovering just above sixty outside of Muir Woods, my jacket was a measly haven of warmth. And I took all it could give me. I exchanged my sandals for Converses during the hike, and afterwards we stopped at the fog-enclosed Golden Gate Bridge and had seafood at Fishermen's Wharf

 *Revue patterned skirt [worn as dress]. J. Crew flower ribbon belt. Nick and Mo patched corduroy jacket. Gap gold woven sandals.*

Jacket is from Nordstorm's bp section.

Finds from my hunts:
Mom's closet- skirt.
Wrentham Outlet- belt.

{the clouds kept sweeping by us}