Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Lives of Love

I've never taken the time I have to live more seriously than now, even though it's painfully clear that I should have. Putting things into perspective, I plan on never letting a lame excuse deter me from spending time with all the people I love because in the very end, I won't be saying "I'm so grateful for the job I had" but rather "I am so grateful for the people in my life." I won't even remember the reason why that I couldn't go to xy&z, but I'll never forget the times that I spent with my friends. Those will be the memories I hold on to. And because of that, I seriously questioned if I should continue with this blog since it does require a good chunk of the day. But after an internal debate, I know that it's something I love as well as an outlet for me, and the only thing I need to be aware of is how to transition blogging seamlessly into my time at school so that I continue to put people first.

Never did I imagine we would have to say goodbye to two beautiful souls within two months. They had barely lived for two decades. My heart feels clenched and a piece of it always will be. But I don't want to only remember friends who have passed because people are inspirational in life, and I will never forget that.

After all that's gone on, I have never been more sure that joining Alpha Phi was the absolute best decision I made in college. I remember explicitly that during Freshmen Orientation I barely gave a split second of thought to greek life. And I remember explicitly how WashU blew down my understanding of sororities and replaced it with a gem that I never knew I wanted and can only be grateful that I have.

Gabby and Em, you two were such lights in our lives. You've made me, if not all of us, all the more appreciative and openly loving to everyone around us. I feel so confident going after everything that I love because both of you did. I don't need to write down everything in my heart because it'll always be with me, just as both of you will always be with me. aoe&love forever.