Sunday, July 15, 2012

Rip 'Em

I had an urge to make things with my hands this weekend, so here's another mini DIY. It just helps distract me from reality sometimes. My mom loves handing down shorts that she thinks are now too short and jeans that she's outgrown so guess who loves to rip them up? Me! I don't tend to like to pay loads for a pair of shorts that have pre-made holes in them. I'll take the hand-me-downs and physical work over those any day.

Here's a pair that I made, and the DIY montage is below! 

Tools for the job: a razor, a solid pair of scissors, & a thick magazine [that you've already ready, of course].

Tips from love:
If you have a sandpaper stone, use it for some extra distressed look. 

Up close and personal: