Thursday, July 5, 2012

In Good Company. Way Too Good.

Rendezvoused with Elise today and her mom and grandma! Can't thank them enough for showing tourist-me around as locals. They managed to surpass hospitality and venture into the realm of "You Can't Be Real People". We thrifted on the Haight, ran around Japan Town, and strolled along the coast at Lands End in windy windy San Francisco. Loved every minute, and especially since I miss school, it was wonderful to see a familiar face if only for a day. Busy with the family until we leave California, and I'm pretty sad to be leaving. But home IS home. 
Love the east coast no matter what.

Sighted quite the bargain on Haight as well. Been eying a piece for some time now and
found it on a deep discount. 
Outfit for tomorrow? Definitely.

Ended the day with an exotic dinner and the sweetest couple who housed my dad for two years. Sea cucumber and fish fin soup in papaya and their thoughtfulness were the highlights of the night.

[iPhone's camera did good.]

{the view. the wind.}

{SO.MUCH.FUN. & my first time!!}