Friday, July 13, 2012

Ramblings of a Nocturnal Soul

Been back to New England for six nights now. And this is the sixth night that my bedtime exists in the realm of tomorrow- also known as past midnight. Just as my body begins to unlock all its the tension and thoughts, my eyes dart open. Because something has interested me. Like the air.

Me past two eh-em. [eh = A. em = M.]

This is what happens: I Inkscape myself drooling, and I don't drool. Except who knows when it's late and I'm still fumbling around to regain unconsciousness. I may drool. But I'm still lucid enough to know that I don't. And I also don't Inkscape. At least not well. I used the circle tool, the calligraphy tool, and the spiral tool to create my self portrait. What craftsmanship.

And I so wish I had a curly-cue nose. Like Cindy Lou Who, but less adorable and more insane.

This better make me laugh in the morning.