Saturday, July 28, 2012

New Ripenings

Ran out early this morning to go peach and blueberry picking with mom since I had to be home from 11 am to 3 pm [more on that later in the post]. The family went last weekend for blueberries while I was up in New Hampshire, but apparently all my dad and brother did was stroll around. And eat the pickings. They contributed a total of maybe a two pounds and then proceeded to eat at least a pound. Mom got a kick out of them but she was ready for some real hardcore fruit gathering today so that's exactly what we did. I told her that I felt like a woodland dweller picking berries for survival and daily consumption. Basically, I felt like Pocahontas [my most favorite Disney princess], and I think I may be veering off of political correctness, but that's how I felt. 

{can you spot it?}
{less than two hours for a mom&daughter duo.}

Even though I generally keep the boyfriend out of posts, I think his craftiness deserves to be recognized.

Now, I had to remain at home [or near home] between eleven and three because he said a surprise would be awaiting me. Let's clear up the fact that I always ruin surprises. Don't watch a movie with me that you've already seen because I WILL ask you to spoil everything at every moment, or watch it with me and tune out my pesterings. That was basically what happened right when he told me about the surprise, and I racked my brain for what it could possibly be. We're long distance for a short bit so I knew it was a package or delivery of some kind, but lo and behold, I never could have guessed.

Details that make me squeal:
I love&collect glass bottles.
The cork stamp.
Dried petals.  
The thought itself.

{I have been outdone.}