Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Romantic Ponderings

Fei silk blouse.
Forever 21 black skirt.
H&M gold flower belt.

Finds from my hunts:
Anthropologie [sale rack circa 2009 ish]- blouse.


In the midst of epiphanies and redesigns so my mind's been full of jumbling ideas & thoughts. Ever since the post I'm Diving In I've been investing brain juice towards what I envision this blog will become. And quite honestly, I'm conflicted. I'm trying to capitalize on the fact that I'm a full time student with business and art concentrations, but it's a tiffy to meander around. That's alright though since I plan on dedicating some time in solitude [without toys but definitely with food] to sketching out all my romantic and lofty visions.

In lieu of my ponderings, I thought this look matched up pretty well. It comfortably glides around with light fabrics and sweet florals. Plus, I went barefoot. Cause it's always nice to ponder barefoot.