Sunday, July 22, 2012

Fuzzy Grannies' Weekend

There's a sense of comfort when I'm with friends who have known me through my awkward years. Heh.

Craft marketed, tree topped, and water tubed with Amanda and Mary at Lake Winnipesaukee with Amanda's lovingly hilarious family. It was the absolute perfect girl's weekend. Plus, that lake water is the definition of silky smooth and clear. I would drink it, if I were desperate. And that's saying something. 

And apparently I have no social boundaries. Let's just say that four years ago, I bear trapped Amanda during my deep sleep in France [multiple times]. And I ALMOST did again to Mary last night except she jerked me away with a pillow. Good job Mary.

Alpaca fur is by far the softest fur around. I wish I were an Alpaca. And the best thing? The fur is just shaved right off so no harm. Nuh-uh, none whatsoever. Love&want:

{the studs}